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Keywords:Marguerite, Sainte, X100S, ile de Lérins, movie
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Sainte Marguerite Morning

A small movie to test the video quality of the Fujifilm X100S. I think it's there, but on this camera, movie mode is a bit of a pain: the camera is not stabilized, so a tripod is a must. In continuous autofocus, the camera hunts and the focusing motor is audible. Manual focus would be a possibility, but you don't get any assistance (such as split screen) in movie mode. One solution is to switch to photo mode, focus, leave the camera in autofocus-S or manual focus, switch back to movie mode, and shoot. Finally, the slightest breeze causes loud wind noises, so an external microphone with wind protection is almost mandatory (as I don't have one, I dropped the two clips that had bad wind noise). And yes, touching the camera in any way is audible, so just gently pressing the shutter release to stop recording causes a "click" that needs to be edited out. All in all, not a model of convenience, but on the other hand, do I like the quality of the 1980x1080 HD at 60 frames per seconds shot through that 35mm lens...