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Created 21-Jun-21
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This is a companion gallery to a page on my main web site.
A little café on the place de la LibertéThe Fontaine de la Fédération in front of the former Grand HotelDetail view of the Fontaine de la FédérationMediterranean Center of [contemporary] ArtTempting treats on the narrow rue LarmodieuLooking up the rue MolièreThe rue Jean Jaurès skirts the place Victor HugoOn the place Victor HugoThe Toulon Opera on the place Victor HugoThe fountain of the three dolphins on the place PugetStrolling down the rue HocheThe place Camille Ledeau and its beautiful fountainOn the place Gustave LambertLooking down the rue d'AlgerLooking towards the rue AlbertView from the quai Cronstadt over the harborLooking across the avenue de la République to the marketChecking out the marketThe Saint-François de Paule church at the western end of the marketAll kind of items are being sold at the market...

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