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Created 27-Nov-11
150 photos

In 2005, I made what I called a "Slice of Life" (or "Slife" for short) poster. It consists of 150 square photographs, 10 across by 15 down. It measures 20x30 inches and combines views of faces, places, and things that have a special meaning to our family and that evoke memories in all of us. This gallery contains the 150 photographs used to make the poster; they are only available in 520x520 resolution, and for this reason, they will not scale during a slide show.
French flag in Saint-TropezMykonos sunsetPinetreeRoman legionnaireCosta colorsEric in OxfordDeerTube signValbonne church"Lällekeenig" in BaselEvitaEric on Sports Day in MandelieuFerrari pit in MonacoVicki in ValbonneDolphins at Sea WorldWine bottlesDaniel in LondonDubrovnik roof tilesDavid in RaleighMoïse

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