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Created 30-Jan-22
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This is a companion gallery to the Yet Another Sampier page on our main web site. Among other things, it allows watching the images as a slide show.
1. The guardian2. Colorful row houses on Ennismore Mews3. This bridge across the Doubs connects Switzerland and France4. The Charles Bridge at dawn5. Autumn leaves on Abbotts Creek Trail6. Train ride to Calvi7. Waxing crescent moon over Cannes8. Late afternoon stroll by the sea9. Lake Neuchâtel10. Street cats soaking up residual engine heat from parked cars11. Christmas market lights12. Sailboats along the Jeté Albert Édouard13. Line of colorful fishing boats14. All-terrain bicycle racer15. Homeless man reading the local newspaper16. Inside La Major cathedral17. In the French Huguenot Church18. Attendees of the Grassroots Festival of Music and Dance19. The Fountain at Forsyth Park20. In the James B. Hunt Jr. Library

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