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Created 22-Apr-18
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On Sunday, April 22, 2018, the Patrouille de France flew over the city of Cannes a few times, and this was a golden opportunity for me to take a few photos as we had a great view of things from our living room window. The first two pictures were taken at 135mm, the last one at 100mm, and all the others at 300mm.
2018-04-22 17-00-19 Patrouiille2018-04-22 17-00-20 Patrouiille2018-04-22 17-00-22 Patrouiille2018-04-22 17-00-24 Patrouiille2018-04-22 17-01-32 Patrouiille2018-04-22 17-01-35 Patrouiille2018-04-22 17-01-43 Patrouiille2018-04-22 17-01-48 Patrouiille2018-04-22 17-01-50 Patrouiille2018-04-22 17-01-52 Patrouiille2018-04-22 17-01-53 Patrouiille2018-04-22 17-03-17 Patrouiille2018-04-22 17-03-19 Patrouiille2018-04-22 17-03-20 Patrouiille2018-04-22 17-04-40 Patrouiille2018-04-22 17-04-41 Patrouiille2018-04-22 17-04-42 Patrouiille2018-04-22 17-04-46 Patrouiille2018-04-22 17-06-44 Patrouiille2018-04-22 17-06-54 Patrouiille

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