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Created 8-Nov-11
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Tallinn, the capital of Estonia, was fabulous. In the old town, there are spots where one could swear time had been standing still since the middle ages. The fact that the old and new parts of town are so clearly separated definitely adds to the charm of the place. That and the cabbies!
The old TallinView of Tallin from the shipThe new TallinNevsky CathedralNevsky CathedralToomea Castle: seat of the ParliamentOur guide KertuNevsky Cathedral mosaicNevsky CathedralNevsky CathedralThe Dome ChurchDome Church entranceRoofscapeStreet in the upper townBuilding in the upper townLooking over the lower townView from the upper townFortificationsCaught by the ship photographer!Looking towards the new Tallin

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