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Created 1-Dec-11
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Thursday, February 11, 2011 brought a very rare event: snow in Sophia Antipolis. This is definitely something people around here are not used to: the drive from the office home usually takes seven or eight minutes. On this day, I gave up after well over an hour, parked the car, and walked the rest of the way.
10:50 AM: Office Window ViewIt is beginning to stick11:38 AM: Time to get out!11:55 AM: Traffic is already a mess......and getting worseI won't make it all the way I park and walk (12:58 PM)Snow-covered palm treeGarbejaïreA closer lookOur laurel tree (it's usually pink!)It's still snowing in SophiaLooking down into the valleyOur terrace3:35 PM: It's still coming down4:30 PM: Could the worst be over?

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