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Created 8-Dec-11
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In 2008, we journeyed to Corsica twice: once in February and once in August. There are more photos from the February trip on our web site. Corsica is called "L'Ile de Beauté", the island of beauty. We think that the name is highly appropriate!
Bonifacio harbor entranceThe cliffs at BonifacioLooking up at BonifacioLooking down into the seaBonifacioSartèneCoastline by L'Ile RousseL'Ile RoussePascal Paoli Square in L'Ile RousseL'Ile Rousse train stationL'Ile Rousse BeachCoastline by L'Ile RousseL'Ile Rousse viewFishing in L'Ile RousseLa Pietra Hotel in L'Ile RousseView from the La Pietra hotelL'Ile Rousse pierL'ile Rousse, late arrivalBeach in GalériaWelcome to Calvi

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