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Created 9-Aug-15
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A few souvenir photos of a wonderful day spent with Hanspeter and Caroline at their beautiful lakefront property in Corcelles. Hanspeter and I are high school friends, so needless to say we did quite a bit of reminiscing in addition to eating absolutely delicious filets de perches (somehow, "perch" doesn't do it justice) Caroline and Hanspeter had caught that very morning and drinking a fair amount of an excellent local white wine. We also indulged in Basler Läckerli (an old favorite of mine) and tasty La Semeuse coffee (another favorite). I even got treated to a ride on the lake in a beautiful wooden boat I'd been in before: over 40 years ago on another lake! Many thanks to Caroline and Hanspeter for making August 7, 2015 a day to remember! And yes, the photos of Daniel and Hanspeter were taken by Caroline.

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