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Created 15-Jan-20
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These shots are an experiment with the Fujifilm X-T30 film simulations. The basis for all these photos was the camera's Classic Chrome simulation; this was modified as follows: Dynamic range: DR200; Highlight Tone: -1; Shadow Tone: +1; Color: +2; Sharpness: +2; Noise reduction: -2; Grain Effect: weak; Color Chrome Effect: weak; White Balance: Auto +1 Red and -1 Blue; Exposure compensation: +1/3. Except for resizing from 6,240x4,160 to 3,000x2,000 in Apple Preview, no editing was done at all, so these are out-of-camera JPEG files with zero post-processing applied.
2020-01-15 12-09-29 Hillsborough2020-01-15 12-13-18 Hillsborough2020-01-15 12-16-38 Hillsborough2020-01-15 12-18-17 Hillsborough2020-01-15 12-27-16 Hillsborough2020-01-15 12-28-39 Hillsborough2020-01-15 12-40-48 Hillsborough2020-01-15 12-43-34 Hillsborough2020-01-15 12-45-38 Hillsborough2020-01-15 13-53-25 Hillsborough2020-01-15 14-11-50 Hillsborough2020-01-15 14-12-49 Hillsborough2020-01-15 14-14-26 Hillsborough2020-01-15 14-30-14 Hillsborough2020-01-15 14-30-35 Hillsborough

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