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Created 18-Jul-15
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On July 17, my friend Didier and I had planned a photo shoot in Avignon and around the Pont du Gard. Because my train was well over an hour late, we decided to cut the photo part short; Didier drove us to Avignon where we had lunch and visited the Palais des Papes. Our visit coincided with the Festival d'Avignon, so the streets were full of artists showing off costumes or giving samples of their show in the hopes of luring visitors to the actual performance in the evening. Though there were many photo opportunities, it was simply too hot to walk around briskly for extended periods of time. The trip did therefore not yield many photos, but that was not really the idea: the main thing was to get together with Didier. Mission accomplished: we had a great day!
Making soap bubbles outside the "Palais des Papes"On the "Rue Saint Agricol"Advertising "La Nuit des Reines"A group of performersAt the end of the "Rue Saint Agricol"The "Parvis Saint-Agricol"Window in "Saint Agricol"The "Palais des Papes"The courtyardTouring the PalaceDidierIn the PalaceThe windows are gorgeous!The Main HallThe ceiling of the Main HallWindowLooking at the outside worldSculpureSculptureSculpture

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