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Created 26-Oct-15
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On September 18, 2015, Didier and I visited the Pont du Gard. To see these photos with some commentary, visit the corresponding page on our web site.
The visitor centerA first glimpse of the aqueductEntering the Mémoires de GarrigueAn olive groveOf course, there are vines, tooA first borie, a circular shepherd's hut built of dry stonesA lovely walk in the shadeWe walked for quite some time without encountering a soulA sightseeing platform......provides a lovely view towards the Rhône valley.A stately olive treeApproaching a second borieThis one seems better preserved and even has a doorNo two olive trees are alikeExiting the Mémoires de GarrigueBack at the Pont du GardApproaching the aqueductOn the Pont du GardCrossing the Pont du GardThe view from the bridge onto the Gardon

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