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Created 16-Aug-15
24 photos

Two dozen photos to test the Nikkor 16-35 wide angle zoom lens. None of the pictures on this page could have been taken before this month as I had no lens that could go wider than 28 mm. The 16 - 35 mm is an amazing lens, though especially in the range from 16 through 20 mm, the angles take some getting used to. At 16 mm, the angle of view is 107°; this comes with quite a bit of barrel distortion that DxO Optics Pro disposes of automatically.
Forville market (18 mm)Forville market (16 mm)Forville market (18 mm)La Pizza (22 mm)Town beach (21 mm)Town beach (22 mm)Town beach (17 mm)Quai Saint-Pierre (16 mm)Quai Saint-Pierre (22 mm)Rowdy (16 mm)Ferris Wheel (18 mm)Jetée Albert Edouard (17 mm)Jetée Albert Edouard (22 mm)Jetée Albert Edouard (20 mm)Tourist train (16 mm)Festival beach (18 mm)Private beach (22 mm)Private beach (21 mm)Public beach (20 mm)Public beach (20 mm)

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