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Created 12-Apr-15
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On Easter Monday 2015, we took a train from Cannes to Menton and spent a few hours in this southeastern-most French town: the border crossing into Italy is actually within the city limit. Menton is famous for its climate (it's usually at least one or two degrees warmer here than in Nice), citrus fruit (mostly, bit not only lemons), and warm and vibrant colors. While nothing beats an personal on-site visit, we hope this gallery can at least provide an impression of what Menton is like. Many of these photos are also displayed on our web site.
The view from the stationDog walker on the Avenue Edouard VIIOne of the things Menton is famous forVillas on the hillAvenue ThiersAvenue de VerdunFaçade on the Avenue de VerdunPalais de l'EuropePromenade du SoleilPromenade du SoleilSeaside caféOn the Avenue Felix FaureRue d'Adhémar de LantagnacOn the Avenue Felix FaureOn the Avenue Felix FaureRue Saint-MichelOn the Rue Saint-MichelOn the Rue Saint-MichelOn the Rue Saint-MichelPlace aux herbes

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