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Created 10-Mar-12
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The photos on this page were taken on March 3, 2012 in Les Baux de Provence, a village and castle perched on a craggy cliff. The weather was gray, which eliminated harsh shadows and favored the rendering of details and color in the rock.
Vineyard near Les BauxThe castle ruins seen from the valleyView from the parking lotView from the parking lotVillage entrance signTourist officeGrand'RueToo early for luchPlace Louis JouView from the Place Louis JouView from the Place Louis JouOne of the ways into the valleyBlue shuttersGrand'RueProvençal store (2-image panorama)Place Saint VincentView from the Place Saint VincentChapelle des pénitents blancsChapelle des pénitents blancsSaint Vincent church

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