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Created 12-May-12
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During our Costa Pacifica cruise from April 19 through April 30, 2012, we had two ports of call in Israel: Haifa on April 23 and Ashdod on April 24. From Haifa, we took a tour through Galilee, and from Ashdod, we visited Jerusalem and Bethlehem. This gallery contains photos taken on those two days. There is also a web page about our two days in Israel.
Arrival in Haifa at 7:50 in the morningTourists on Al Bishara in NazarethBasilica of the Annunciation, NazarethMosaic in the courtyard of the BasilicaPartial view of the Basilica doorStatue of the Virgin MaryNazareth pilgrimsInside the Basilica of the AnnunciationThe dome of the BasilicaStained glass windowStained glass windowsVisitors file by the grottoThe grottoInside the Basilica of the AnnunciationCourtyard of the BasilicaThe Basilica of the AnnunciationHouse in NazarethHeading back down Al BisharaFruit juice vendor in NazarethJewish state, Muslim town, Christian tourism: Nazareth

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