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Created 16-Aug-20
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A few slides from the summer of 1976 when I spent a week on the wonderful island of Groix. The photos were all taken with a Minolta-SR-T-303 camera and Kodachrome 25 film. The camera is from 1974, and I still use it when I feel like shooting film. Lens and technical information were not recorded. This gallery is a companion to this page on my main web site.
Port Tudy, the main harbor of the island of GroixThe ferry to Groix in LorientPort Tudy at low tideOverall view of Port Tudy in the evening lightOne of several small town beaches west of the harborThe beach at LocmariaThe small harbor of Locmaria at low tideThe cargo ship Sanaga ran aground near Locmaria on March 28, 1971Plage des Sables Rouges, a beach on the east end of the islandThe guardianEntering a villageOld and new side by sideEven away from the sea near the center of the island there are scenic viewsA more modern residenceNear the center of the islandLooking towards the Pointe des Chats lighthouse in the far distanceNear Pen Men on the western end of the islandThe craggy southern coast of GroixOn the southern shoreLe trou de l'enfer (The Hole of Hell)

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