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Created 22-Jan-16
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A few photographs of the lovely village of Gourdon. They may also be viewed on our web site.
Looking towards the Mediterranean from the Place VictoriaThe village of Gourdon seen from the access roadZooming in for a closer lookThe château of Gourdon goes back to the 12th CenturyThe château seen from the village entranceThis handy tile map shows the layout of tiny GourdonEntering the village by the Place du PortailThe village fountain dates from 1852Fountain detailLooking across the Place du Portail into the Rue BasseOn the Rue BasseThe Au Vieux Four restaurant on the Rue BasseDetail viewBarren tree on the Place BasseThe same tree back in AugustLooking from the Place Basse towards the Gorges du LoupOn the Place BasseOn the Place des marronniersThe steps leading to the Grande RueOn the Grande Rue

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