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Created 15-Nov-13
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On October 29, 2013, we drove from Cannes to Basel and Mulhouse for a quick two days in the Tri-Country area. We spent the entire day of October 30 in Mulhouse and Basel and most of October 31 in Colmar, a wonderful Alsatian town we had only briefly stopped in a few years earlier. All photos in this gallery were taken with a Panasonic Lumix DMX-TZ20 point and shoot camera and are presented in chronological order. A subset of these images is published on the Colmar page of our main web site.
Rue TurenneLa Petite VenisePlace des six Montagnes NoiresPlace du LycéeRue du LycéeGrand RueKoïfhus (the old customs building)Rue du Conseil SouverainGaragesRue des TanneursStreet musicianPlace de l'Ancienne DouaneL'Ancien HôpitalPlace du 2 FévrierPlace du 2 FévrierPlace du 2 FévrierRue du ChasseurRue du ChasseurPlace Jeanne d'ArcSynagogue

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