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Created 9-Apr-14
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Photos of the view from the Tour de la Castre in the old part of Cannes. These photos are also available on our web site.
After climbing the 109 steps we are at the topLooking to the northeast towards "our" buildingZooming in for a closer lookView to the west and along the sea shore towards MandelieuRooftops of the old townLooking southwest to the EsterelLooking southeast to the harbor entrance and the island of Sainte MargueriteLooking into the heart of CannesA bewildering array of nested buildings of various stylesThe roof of Notre Dame de l'EspéranceLooking at the massive Tour de la Castre from belowFountain in the museum courtyardCactus flower in the museum courtyardInside the Musée de la CastreThe little park by the museum entranceInside Notre Dame de l'EspéranceLooking towards the Tour de la Castre from our home

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