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Created 14-May-18
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At the "Village de l'Oiseau" in Port-Saint-Louis-du-RhôneWind wheelWind wheelMallardsBy the "Étang de Vaccarès"By the "Étang de Vaccarès"By the "Étang de Vaccarès"By the "Étang de Vaccarès"The D36B follows the shore of the Étang de VaccarèsBy the "Étang de Vaccarès"Didier doing what we came forBy the "Étang de Vaccarès"Camargue mares with their resting foalsIn the Camargue, there are other breeds of horses as wellOn the "Route du Mas du Tort"Rice paddy off the "Route du Mas du Tort"Glossy ibises in a Camargue rice paddy near GimeauxA storm is brewing (it missed us that day)Our meeting point in the Marshes of Vigueirat nature preserveStarting our walk

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