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Created 9-Apr-12
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On April 7, 2012, Vicki and I retraced the steps Didier and I had taken almost exactly 3 years earlier and visited parts of the Camargue. Contrary to what the weather forecast had predicted, the weather was wonderful with beautiful white clouds hanging in a blue sky. This gallery contains a series of images taken on that day.
Canal near GallicianSluicegateAnother canalMallardsMarshlandsWater left and right!Walkway to the bird observatoryThe same walkwayWetlandsTypical Camargue landscapeStrange place for a fence!Around the "Etang du Scamandre"Around the "Etang du Scamandre"Sentier de la fromagèreSentier de la fromagèreAs soon as one leaves the finds waterCamargue landscapeCamargue horsesThere's more grass near the canal!

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