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Created 11-Dec-11
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The Balma Venitia cooperative in Beaumes de Venise is a huge winery which aims to industrialize wine production without jeopardizing product quality. It is owned by a large number of vintners who grow the grapes and then deliver them to the cooperative which handles vinification and returns a finished, bottled product. In April 2011, my friend Didier and I took a tour through this truly impressive place, and we returned in July to see how the grapes were coming along. Finally, in September, we went back for the vendanges, the wine harvest.
The wineryFitting quoteThe entrance to the "vinothèque"The "vinothèque"The main hall of barrelsWine is aging hereThe casks must be topped offA decanting pumpCement vinification tanksWhere the grapes come inIn the basementVats hold 2,000 to 5,000 gallonsTartar is a byproduct of fermentationHallwaySmall aluminum tanksWine filtering apparatusPumps and hosesThis winery is huge!Automatic pressesAs much as possible is automated

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