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In 1985, we bought our first camcorder, a JVC GR-C2, because we wanted to film the kids; we thought that later on, such memories would be great to relive (we were right). The unit stored movies on VHS-C cassettes; to play things back on a standard VHS video recorder, one needed an adapter. We collected quite a bit of footage over the years, and in 2006 I digitized our VHS-C tape collection to prevent the memories from deteriorating more than they already had. It is not until ten years later that I finally got around to editing the various DV files, removing undesirable material, adding titles and transitions, in short, converting the raw footage into the 56 video clips presented here. I began on March 6, 2016, and finished almost exactly one month later, on April 3. A listing of all these videos in PDF format is available here. Enjoy the nostalgia; there's 5 hours, 43 minutes, and 28 seconds of it!

1985: David testing

1985: Kix and Chicken

1985: David and the wagon

1985: David with vacuum hose

1986: Centerport Bath

1986: Bottle Break

1986: Reading with Mom

1986: Ravioli Dinner

1986: Rocking Horse

1986: Heckscher Park

1986: Tricycle

1986: Horse and Truck

1986: Daphne Arrives

1986: Slippers and Snoopy

1986: Sunday Bath

1986: Bambiland

1986: Huntington Backyard

1986: Birthday Bath

1986: David's 2nd Birthday

1986: The Sandbox

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